Volume 2 Issue 6


Enviro-Economic Evaluation of Natural Water Resources: A Retrospect 

S. S. Kopekar, Dr. N. S. Raman

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Theoretical and Experimental Analysis of Torsional and Bending Effect on Four Cylinders Engine Crankshafts by Using Finite Element Approach 

R. G. Desavale, A. M. Patil

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Analysis of Cuckoo Search with Genetic Algorithm for Image Compression

S. Akila Pradeep, R. Manavalan

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The Discrete Time Geo/G/1  Queue with Negative Customers and Multiple Working Vacations 

Yanheng Chen, Songfang Jia

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A Concentrated Solar Power Unit Collector’s Efficiency under Varied Wind Speeds 

Ajay Vardhan, A. C. Tiwari, Arvind Kaushal,  Sunil Hotchandani

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Bidirectional ROF Links with Dynamic Capacity Allocation 

Rakesh  Kumar Chandan, Dharmendra Singh

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Implementation of AWG as A MUX / DMUX at the WDM PON System 

Prem Nath Suman, Dharmendra Singh

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