Volume 2 Issue 2

This issue published on 01 April 2013

Experimental Study and the Effect of Alkali Treatment with Time on Jute Polyester Composites

Afroz mehar, S. Irfan Sadaq, Sameer Mohammed

Literature Survey on Genetic Algorithm Approach for Fuzzy Rule-Based System

 Dinesh P.Pitambare, Pravin M.Kamde

Fuzzy Classification System for Glass Data Classification

Dinesh P.Pitambare, Pravin M.Kamde

Inlet Morpho-Dynamics During a Storm Event Inferred from Tidal Records: A Case Study Of The Brunswick River, NSW, Australia

Thuy T. T. Vu, Peter Nielsen, David P. Callaghan

Hybrid Matrices Layer of Carbon Fiber Composites

J. Dhanraj Pamar, B. Balu Naik

Digital Camera Evaluation Base on AHP and TOPSIS

Shashank Singh Pawar, Devendra Singh Verma

A Colpitt’s Oscillator Using SAW Device For Greater Temperature and Frequency Range

Swati Yadav, Neelabh Tiwari

Reduction of ice Consumption in Vinyl Sulphone Industry

T. S. Rajaraman, C. G. Bhagchandani

Efficient use of Ethylene Oxide in Vinyl Sulphone Industry

Bhavi M. Pandya, Bharat H. Shah

Leveraging Advances in Mobile Broadband Technology to Improve Environmental Sustainability

Shailey Gulati

Identification and Quantification of Non-Point Sources of pollution to Sabarmati River, Ahmedabad

Monika H. Panchani, M. J. Pandya

Offline and Online E-Voting System with Embedded Security for Real Time Application

Alaguvel.R, Gnanavel.G

Effective Heat Transfer Enhancement in Finned Tube Heat Exchanger with Different Fin Profiles

J.A.Livingston, P. Selvakumar

Thermally Stimulated Relaxation and Electrical Conduction Phenomena In Polyacrylamide

K. Rajendra Prasad

Significance of Silica Fume in Enhancing the Quality of Concrete

Vipul Thakur, Dheeraj Mandloi, Deepak Khare, Shailesh Gupta

Optimal Placement of Thyristor Controlled Series Capacitor to Reduce the Transmission Loss

Venkata Padmavathi S, Sarat Kumar Sahu, A Jayalaxmi

VHDL Simulation of Tu-11/Tu-12 in Synchronous Digital Hierarchy

 S.G.Kerhalkar, Mohammed Ahmed, Abhishek Agwekar

Performance Evaluation of a Nanofluid (CuO-H2O) Based Low Flux Solar Collector

 Lal Kundan, Prashant Sharma

Effects of Radiation and free Convection Currents on Unsteady Couette Flow between two Vertical Parallel Plates with Constant Heat flux and Heat Source through Porous Medium

Damala Ch Kesavaiah, P V Satyanarayana  and A Sudhakaraiah

Assessment of Plastic Deformation Upon Grinding Using X-Ray Diffraction Profiles

Vivek Roy, Binayaka Nahak, Mohd Zaheer Khan Yusufzai, Meghanshu Vashista

Characterization and Mechanical Behavior of Composite Material Using FEA

S. Irfan Sadaq, J. Dhanraj Pamar, N Seetharamaih, Afroz Mehar

The Impact of Gender on Attitude Towards Computer Technology and E-Learning: An Exploratory Study of Punjab University, India

Gunamala Suri, Sneha Sharma

Design and Development of DSP Controlled Filament Power Supply for 1 MW, 352.2 MHz Klystron

Akhilesh Tripathi, M. K. Badapanda, P. R. Hannurkar

Production and Characterization of Jatropha Oil Methyl Ester

P. Venkateswara Rao, G. Srinivasa Rao 

Application of Taguchi Technique in Gas Cutting Process - A Case Study

K. Prakash Babu, P.V.S.S.M.Sai Mahesh, K.S.V.S.Bharadwaj Sarma

Fuel Cell Market: A Review

Tanvir Singh, Amit Kumar

Magnetic Moment Fields in Dense Relativistic Plasma Interacting with Laser Radiations

B.Ghosh, S.N.Paul, S.Bannerjee, C.Das

Kinetic and Electrical Conductivity Measurement Study of SDBF Resin

Dhanraj.T.Masram,  K.P.Kariya, N.S.Bhave

Evaluation of Communication Overheads in Wireless Sensor Networks

Shiv Prasad Kori, R. K . Baghel

Preparation, Microhardness Characterization on Untreated And Treated With Electric Stressed Samples on The Inorganic Tunable Laser Dye Rhodamine Doped PMMA

Pradeep Kumar Dubey, R. Bajpai, J. M. Keller

Analysis of Thermal and Electrical Properties of Enamel Filled with Various Nanofillers such as ZrO2, Al2O3 and CNT

Lieutenant J. Ganesan, D. Edison Selvaraj

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