Volume 3 Issue 10

Microstrip Patch Antenna for Ban Applications [Download]

Sehrish Rashid, Sana Ahmad, Muhammad Talha Asghar, Irum Gillani , Nida Kiyani


Comparative Study and Design of Solar Water Heater [Download]

K.Sainath,Y.krishna, Mohd Salahuddin, Mohammed Siddique Ahmed, Md Ismail, Syed Rahman,Mohammed Noman, Mohd Khaleel Ullah, Faraz Ur Rehman Azhar, Mohd Moizuddin,Mohd Riyaz Uddin.


Unit Commitment in Power Market Considering Demand Response andStochastic Wind Generation [Download]

Hossein Haroonabadi


Social Development Indicators and their Association with Crime: A Case of Bihar, India [Download]

Rashmi Kumari , Dr. V. Devadas


A Study on Satellite Geometry Variation for Multi-GNSS from India [Download]

Anindya BOSE, Keka Hazra, Shreya Sarkar


Maintenance Function for Manufacturing Excellence Program: a case study of the Sri Lankan manufacturing industry [Download]

Dilanthi M. G. S., Deegahawature M. M. D. R.


Study of the Relative Permittivity Response of Metal Nanoantenna at Optical Frequency [Download]

Mehnaj Mahbuba, Nafiz Ahmed Chisty


Experimental Verification and Analysis of Solar Parabolic Collector for Water Distillation [Download]

Mohd. Rizwan , Md. Abdul Raheem Junaidi , Mohammed Suleman, Mohd. Aamer Hussain


Brink Depth at Free Overfall A Review [Download]

Sonali Swetapadma,  S. K. Mittal, Prof. M. K. Choudhary


Relaxation Behaviour of Lithium-Borosilicate Glasses [Download]

D. B. Thombre, K. Singh


Performance Analysis of WDM PON and ROF Technology in Optical Communication Based on FBG [Download]

Vikas Kumar Pandey, Sanjeev Gupta, Bharti Chaurasiya


Synthesis, Characterization and Study of Some Tetrazole Compounds as New Corrosion Inhibitors for C-steel in 0.5 M HCl solution [Download]

Adnan Sultan Abdul-Nabi, Ekhlas Qanber Jasim


Enhancement of Band width and Gain by Using 3×4 Array of Metamaterial Based Patch Antenna for RF Energy Harvesting at GSM 1800 [Download]


K. K. A. Devi, Ng Chun Hau, C. K. Chakrabarty, Norashidah Md. Din


Parametric Study on a Horizontal Axis Wind Turbine Proposed for Water Pumping [Download] 

Dr. Abdullateef A. Jadallah

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