Volume 3 Issue 2

This issue was published on 1 Feb. 2014

Diagnosis the Obstacles Influencing the Integration of the NICT in the Industrial Companies (Case Study) [Download]

RACHIDI Abdelhafid, TALBI Abdennebi, KHATORY Abdellah


Electrical Modeling and Impedance Analysis of Biological Cells [Download]

Gowri Sree V., Gowrishankar S.


Triple Band CPW-Fed Microstrip Antenna with Hexagonal Shape Slot for WLAN/WiMAX Applications [Download]

Supriya Arora, Davinder Parkash


Disposal Criteria of Bhanpur Solid Waste Landfill Site: Investigation and Suggestions [Download]

Tapas Dasgpta


Low Order Controller Synthesis for Interval System [Download]

Priya N., Dr. T.K. Sunil Kumar


Circular Shape Antenna Embedded with b-Shape Slot for UWB Applications [Download]

Kirandeep Randhawa, Davinder Parkash


Tourism and The Employment Growth : The Albanian case [Download]

Valentina Sinaj


Role of Data Mining in CRM [Download]

R. Uma Maheswari, S. Saravana Mahesan, Dr. Tamilarasan , A. K. Subramani


On Flow Past A Parabolic Started Infinite Vertical Plate With Variable Temperature And Uniform Mass Diffusion[Download]

R.Muthucumaraswamy, A.Neel Armstrong


Analysis of the Formation of Magnetic Transition in Digital Magnetic Recording System [Download]

Md. Arifur Rahman


Speech Analysis For Alphabets In Bangla Language: Automatic Speech Recognition [Download]



Identification of Defects in Plastic Gears Using Image Processing and Computer Vision : A Review [Download]

Preeti Saini, Mr. Rohit Anand


Iris Recognition using Mel-Fequency Cepstral Coefficient [Download]

Shibli Nisar, Mushtaq Ali Khan, Muhammad Usman


Offline Signature Verification System Using Energy on Grid Level [Download]

Hetal V. Davda, Sima K. Gonsai


A Portable Wireless ECG Monitoring System using GSM Technique with Real Time Detection of Beat Abnormalities [Download]

Dr. (Mrs.) R. Sukanesh, S. Veluchamy, M. Karthikeyan


Study of Different Face Recognition Algorithms and Challenges [Download]

Uma Shankar Kurmi, Dheeraj Agrawal, R. K. Baghel


Thermal Analysis on Butt Welded Aluminium Alloy AA7075 Plate Using FEM [Download]

M. Pal Pandi, Dr. R. Kannan


A New Survey on Block Matching Algorithms in Video Coding [Download]

L.C.Manikandan, Dr. R. K. Selvakumar


Web Vulnerability Scanner (WVS): A Tool for detecting Web Application Vulnerabilities [Download]

Shivam Swarup, Dr. R.K Kapoor


Determination of Rate of Degradation of Iron Plates Due To Rust Using Image Processing -A Review [Download]

Priyanka Choudhary, Mr. Rohit anand

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