Volume 3 Issue 5

This issue was published on May 01, 2014

Fuzzy Logic Controlling of a Single Phase Seven-Level Grid-Connected Inverter for Photovoltaic system [Download]

Siva GanaVara Prasad P., Amrutha Veena Chandrapati, Navyata Yesodha Rao K., Lakshmi Prasanth K.


Performance Analysis and Optimization of Hmipv6 and Fmipv6 Handoff Management Protocols [Download]

Ambar Yadav, Arti Singh


Optimization of Lung Cancer using Modern Data Mining Techniques [Download]

T. Sowmiya, M. Gopi, M. New Begin, L. Thomas Robinson


Design of Solar Steam Irrigation Pump [Download]

Vishal Kumar Dhimmar, Jay Prajapti, Mital Patel, Dhruv Patel, Banti Mistry, Jignesh Parmar


Embedded ANFIS as a Supervisory Controller for a 6-DOF Robotic Arm [Download]

Meher Madhu Dharmana, Sai Shashidhar, Sachin Kumar,Chaithanya


Reduction in Setup Change Time of a Machine in a Bearing Manufacturing Plant Using SMED and ECRS [Download]

Gaurav J. Pawar, Nishant S. Sirdeshpande, Aniket B. Atram, Prachi R. Patil


Experimental Analysis on Solar Desiccant Air Conditioner [Download]

Dr. U. V. Kongre, C. M. Singh, A. B. Biswas


To Study the Capability Model for Sustainable E Business Environment in Construction Industries in Maharashtra Region [Download]

P. Deepa, Prof. Upendra saharkar


Flexural Strength of Normal Beam by Replacing Tension Reinforcement as Waste Tyre [Download]

V. Hankare , A. N. Patil, A. R. Deshmukh


Thermal Properties of Jute Nano Fibre Reinforced Composites [Download]

K. T. B . Padal, K. Ramji, V. V. S. Prasad


Effect of RBI-81 on CBR and Swell Behaviour of Expansive Soil [Download]

Manisha Gunturi, P.T.Ravichandran*, R.Annadurai, Divya Krishnan.K


Laboratory Investigation on the Strength Gaining of Brick Aggregate Concrete Using Ordinary Portland Cement and Portland Composite Cement [Download]

Hoque M H, Numen E H, Islam N., Mohammed


Optimization of EDM Process Parameters on Titanium Super Alloys Based on the Grey Relational Analysis [Download]

J. Laxman, Dr. K. Guru Raj


An Analysis of WhatsApp Forensics in Android Smartphones [Download]

Shubham Sahu


Numerical Investigation of the Effect of Froude Number on Flow Pattern around a Single T-shaped Spur Dike in a Bend Channel [Download]

M. Vaghefi, M. Shakerdargah, A. R. Fiouz, M. Akbari


Green Computing An Eco friendly Approach for Energy Efficiency and Minimizing E-Waste [Download]

Vinoth Kumar T., Kiruthiga P.


Quality of Service in Real Time Services in Wireless Systems [Download] 

Ambar Yadav, Arti Singh


Design of P-V Based Pumping System [Download]

Shivraj G Gokhale

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