Volume 4 Issue 1

Ultrasonic Wedges for Testing Of Turbine Blade Roots [Download]

Ibe, G. A


Stress Analysis on Behaviour of Rails [Download]

M.Kameswara Reddy, Dr.K.V.S.Srinadh, T.V.Ravi Teja, Rafiuzzama Shaik


Analytical Models Evaluation for Predicting Vertical Velocity Flows through Submerged Vegetation [Download]

Mabrouka Morri, Amel Soualmia, Philippe Belleudy


Content Based Image Classification with Thepade's Static and Dynamic Ternary Block Truncation Coding [Download]

Dr.Sudeep Thepade, Rik Das, Saurav Ghosh


Optimization of Economic Production Quantity and Profits under Markovian Demand [Download]

Kizito Paul Mubiru 


Self-Regulated Solar Lighting System [Download]

Mr. Ramesh C R, Prof.Lyla B Das


Optimization of Bed Material Consumption in a CFBC Boiler[Download]

Ashish M. Pullekunnel, Manish R. Moroliya


Field Performance of a Conventional Combine Harvester in Harvesting Bg-300 Paddy Variety in Batticaloa, Srilanka [Download]

R.Bawatharani, D.N.Jayatissa, D.A.N.Dharmasena, M.H.M.A.Bandara


Experimental Study of Initial Fuel Temperature on the Burning Rates of Kerosene Pools in Cold Environment  [Download]

Kunal Ahuja, Alagani Harish, Vasudevan Raghavan


A Constrained Genetic Algorithm Based on Constraint Handling with KS Function andGrouping Penalty[Download]

Jiang Zhansi, Jiang Yulong, Ma Liquan, Feng Jianguo

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