Volume 4 Issue 10

Preliminary Assessment of Effects of Paint Industry Effluents on Local Groundwater Regime in Ibadan, Nigeria (Download)

Olaoye, R. A., Oladeji, O. S.


PQ Control Based Grid Connected DG Systems (Download)

P Siva Srinivas, M Rambabu, Dr.G.V.Nagesh Kumar


Identification and Improvement of Accidents black Spots for Mixed Traffic Streets in Developed Cities-A Case Study (Download)

M.Subbareddy, K.S.B.Prasad


Design and Simulation of Dc-Dc Converter for Fuel Cell Operated Vehicle with Single Reference Six Pulse Modulation (Download)

V.Chaitanya, J.S.V. Siva Kumar


Comparison between Conventional (Angular) Steel Section and Tubular Steel Section (Download) 

Rakesh R. Nora, Umarfarukh D. Masud, Maske Ravi G.


Dual Tone Multiple Frequency Based Home Automation System (Download)

Shreya Ghosh, Subhasree Konar, Soumen Ghosh, Tanumay Ghosh , Suvojit Gope


An Experimental Study on Strength Characteristics of Pervious Concrete by Partial Addition of Glass Fiber and Polyester Fiber (Download)

K.S.B.Prasad ,M.Pavan Kumar & B.Harish Nayak


On the SO2 Problem in Thermal Power Plants.Absorption processes modeling (Download)

Chr. Boyadjiev, M. Doichinova, P. Popova-Krumova, B. Boyadjiev


On the SO2 problem in Thermal Power Plants,Two-steps Chemical Absorption Modeling (Download)

Chr. Boyadjiev, P. Popova-Krumova, M. Doichinova, B. Boyadjiev


Ultimate Strength Analysis of Stiffened Plate under Longitudinal Compression, Transverse Compression, Lateral Pressure (Download)

Ta Hong Phong, Vu Van Tan, Mac Van Giang


Computing the Pre-operational Embodied Water of a Multistoried Residential Complex in Gurgaon, India (Download)

Indraneel Roy Choudhuri


Performance Evaluation of Flexible Pavements: A Case Study (Download)

V.K Chakravarthi, M.Chaitanya


Design and Fabrication of a Spring Constant Testing Machine and Determination of Spring Constant of a Compression Spring (Download)

Muhammad Abu Rahat, Muhammad Ferdous Raiyan, MD. Safayet Hossain, J.U. Ahamed, Nahed Hassan Jony


Groundwater Potential of a Fastly Urbanizing Watershed in Kerala, India: A Geospatial Approach (Download) 

Sreeja R,  Arun P.R., Mahesh Mohan and Pradeep kumar A.P.

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