Volume 4 Issue 11

Performance Analysis of Closed Loop and Open Loop Control Methods in Dynamic Voltage Restorer [Download]

Mustafa İnci, Tuğçe Demirdelen, Mehmet Tümay


Sub-Harmonics in Wind Driven SM-DFIG in the Super-Synchronous Range of Operation [Download]

Mahmoud A. Saleh, Mona N. Eskander,  Maged N. F. Nashed


Entrepreneurial Skill Development: A Case Study of the Design and Construction of Charcoal Baking Oven [Download]

Asibeluo I.S.,   Okeri P.E, Onwurah C.  &  Adiogba M.


The State of Virtual Reality in Education –Shape of Things to Come [Download]

Saloni Minocha


Performance Evaluation of MANET Routing Protocols Based on Internet Protocols [Download]

Hilal B. Said, Mahmod M. Ismail


Evaluation of Flotation Collectors in Developing Zero Waste Technology for Processing Iron Ore Tailings [Download]

R. Suhasini, Ashish Kumar Mallick, N.Vasumathi, T.V.Vijaya Kumar,  S.Subba Rao, S.Prabhakar, G.Bhaskar Raju, S.Shiva Kumar


Determination of the operating point and the enthalpy per unit surface of a cold battery with icy water and a double heat exchanger [Download]

B. Dieng, G. Jaw, A. Kane, I. Diagne, G. Sissoko


Aerodynamic Simulation of A Truck To Reduce The Drag Force [Download]

Shreenidhi R  Kulkarni, Abhishek Kothari, Chetan Pavate, Chinmay Dodmani


Approach Method to Evaluate the Total Harmonic Distortion for a System Has Multiple Nonlinear Loads [Download]

H. A. Mohamed


Subsurface Utility Engineering for Drinking Water and Wastewater Utilities [Download]

Berk Uslu, Sunil K. Sinha


Effect of Vertical Irregularities of RC Framed Structures by Using Non-Linear Static Analysis [Download] 

Sri.M.Pavan Kumar, Sateesh Konni,

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