Volume 4 Issue 2

Analysis of Transient Natural Convection flow past an Accelerated Infinite Vertical Plate [Download]

Kaprawi S.


Sensorless Passivity Based Control of a DC Motor [Download]

M.Seethamathavi & T.Vignesh


Variable Angle of SRG for Wind Energy Control Application [Download]

Maged N. F. Nashed


Fuzzy Logic System for Fetal Heart Rate Determination[Download]

UDO, E.U.  &   OPARAKU, O.U.


Pervaporation: A Novel Process for Ethanol Separation using Fermentation [Download]

Sanjay H. Amaley, R. S. Sapkal & V. S. Sapkal


Effect of EVA Content upon the Dielectric Properties in LDPE-EVA Films [Download]

Hojjat, Amrollahi  &  Mahmood, Borhani


Review of Composite Asymmetric Spur Gear [Download]

Sandeep C. Dhaduti & Dr. S. G. Sarganachari


Determination of Rate of Degradation of Iron Plates due to Rust using Image Processing [Download]

Priyanka Choudhary & Mr. Rohit Anand


The E-readiness Assessment Pattern Designing with  an Approach to E-commerce (a Case Study Conducted in Sistan and Balouchestan Province of Iran) [Download]


Zahra Keikha & Mahmoud Oukati Sadeq

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