Volume 4 Issue 3

Meteorological Study of the Air Pollution in the Cities of Azerbaijan [Download]

Shakar Mammadova


The Pollution of River IBËR with Heavy Metals from Landfill of Kelmend [Download]

Rafet Zeqiri, Izet Zeqiri, Sadija Nikshiq-Kadriu, Mehush Aliu


Experimental Investigation on Effect of Grinding Direction on Wear Under Heavy Load and Slow Speed Conditions with Molybdenum Disulphide (MoS2) as Additive in Commercial Lubricant [Download]

S. M. Muzakkir, Harish Hirani


Comparative Analysis of Biodegradability of Biodiesel obtained by Conventional and Non-Conventional Methods [Download]

Nagaraja Y. P., Chandrashekhar Biradar


Manganese Removal by Low Cost Adsorbent from Synthetic Wastewater-A Review [Download]

Vinod Pahade, Dr. A. K. Sharma


3-Equitable Prime Cordial Labeling of Some Graphs [Download]

Dr. Sweta Srivastav, Dr. Sangeeta Gupta


The Numerical Analysis of Flow Field on Warship Deck [Download]

Kwan Ouyanga, Reui-Kuo Lina, Sheng-Ju Wub, Wen-Hann Sheu


Dimensional Synthesis of Four Bar Mechanism Using Genetic Algorithm [Download]

S. S. Shete, S. A. Kulkarni


A New-High Speed-Low Power-Carry Select adder Using Modified GDI Technique [Download]

M. Anitha, J. Princy  joice, Rexlin Sheeba I.


Interference Free Window (IFW) in Las Cdma System and Comparison with Traditional CDMA [Download]

Neha Arora, D. P. Chechi


Maintenance Free Bearings [Download]

S. M. Muzakkir , Harish Hirani


Statistical Analysis of the Performance of Solar Photovoltaic Module with the Influence of Different Meteorological Parameters in Tripura, India. [Download]

T. Bhattacharyaa, A. K. Chakrabortya, K. Pal


Influence of Environmental Dust on the Operating Characteristics of the Solar PV Module in Tripura, India [Download]

T. Bhattacharyaa, A. K. Chakrabortya, K. Palb


A Stand Alone Robust PV-FC-Electrolyzer Utilization Scheme

Maged N. F. Nashed, Mona Eskander, Adel M Sharaf, Life [Download]


Passive Elimination of Static Electricity in Oil Industry  

Mićo Gaćanović [Download]

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