Volume 4 Issue 7

Improving Seismic Performance of Concrete Buildings with Special Moment Frames Using Viscous Damper (Download)

Mohammad Javad Dehghan, Mostafa Soleymannejad


Implementation of Regular Linear Carry Select Adder with Binary to Excess-1 Converter (Download)

K.Bala Sindhuri


Accident Prevention by Eye Blinking Sensor and Alcohol Detector (Download)

Deepa K B, Chaitra M, Ankit Kumar Sharma, Sreedhar V S, Prashanth Kumar H.K.


Electromagnetic Interference Shielding of MWCNT/ Mu-Metal/Polyvinylidene Fluoride Nanocomposite (Download)

C. Sarala Rubi, S. Gowthaman , N. G. Renganathan


Induction Hardening and Microstructure Analysis of Micro-Alloyed Steel Roller Shaft of an Undercarriage (Download)

Dr S. Gajanana, B. Suresh Kumar Reddy, T. Shivendra Lohit, K. Anil Kumar Reddy, Ankur Jain


Production & Process Optimization of Micro Alloyed Steel Roller Shaft of an Under Carriage (Download)

Dr. S. Gajanana, Kulkarni Rahul, Shreyas Gampa, Tharun Vempati, JV Srinath


Comparative Study of the Energy Absorption Capacities of XPS and XPE Foam Filled Aluminium Square Tubes under Quasi-Static Axial Compression (Download)

Suman Bargav. R, Venkataswamy. K. S, Dr. Suresh P. M.


Design & Development of FPGA Based VME Bus Controller (Download)

Himali Patel, Poornima Talwai


Dynamic Performance of a Single Machine Brushless DFIG during Wind Speed Variation (Download)

Mona N. Eskander, Mahmoud A. Saleh, Maged N. F. Nashed


Effects of Heat-Treatments on Tensile Strength and Electrical Conductivity of Locally Formulated Al-Ni Alloys (Download)

R. A. Muriana, O.K. Abubakre, S. B. Tajiri


Energy Efficiency Approach to Intelligent Building (Download)

Gitanjali Birangal, Dr. S.V. Admane  , S.S.Shinde


Conformity of House Physical Condition and Socio-Economic Mobility in Post Disaster Resettlement (Download)

Anggraeni Puspitaningtyas, Happy R. Santosa, V. Totok Noerwasito


Design of 8- Element Linear Array with Practical Problem Diagnosis of Faulty Element Using Particle Swarm Optimization (Download) 

Vishal Puri , Shaveta Puri

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