Volume 4 Issue 8

Design and Analysis of Automatic Car Park System with Capacity Control (Download)

Musa Mohammed Gujja & Umar Abubakar Wakta


The Application and Analysis of Midas/GTS in Landslide Control (Download)

Xiang Tao


Steady State Analysis of Wind Driven SM-BDFIG in the Super-Synchronous Range of Operation (Download)

Mahmoud A. Saleh, Maged N. F. Nashed, Mona N. Eskander


Performance of Discrete Wavelet Transform based on OFDM with Adaptive Modulation (Download)

Weaam Talaat Ali


Distributed Efficient Channel Allocation Technique for Multi-Radio Multichannel Interference-aware Multi-path Routing Protocol in Wireless Mesh Networks (Download)

Shreenidhi.P.L, Puttamadappa. C


Assessment of the Stability of a Four Legged Robot Manipulator (Download)

Dr. Awad Eisa G. Mohamed


Design and Modeling of a Novel Micro-Power Generator based on Harvesting Omni-Directional Vibration Energy (Download)

E. Elsherbiny, M. T. Elhagry, M. S. M. Soliman , Essam Abu Elzahab


Integrating Project Risk Management and Value Engineering in Tendering Processes (Download)

Dr. Mounir M. El Khatib


Experimental Evaluation of Tensile Strength and Young’s Modulus of Woven Jute fiber and Polyurethane Composite (Download)

Shrikant Shinde ,A. V. Salve


Preventive maintenance by vibratory analysis: case study (Download)

Amal Boukili , Mohammed El Hammoumi


Smart Energy Management controller for a Micro Grid (Download)

Atef. M. Mansour, Khaled .N. Faris, Essam El-Din Aboul Zahab


Power Quality Improvement by 11 Level Multilevel Inverter with Reduced Number of Switches (Download) 

P.T.Krishna Sai, Mahammad.Iliyas

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