Volume 4 Issue 9

Microstructure and Wear Behavior Of as Cast Al-25mg2si-2cu-2ni Alloy (Download)

Geetanjali.S.Guggari ,  Veena.Badiger , Dr. Shivakumar S


Analysis of Multistorey Building with Floating Column (Download)

Badgire Udhav S., Shaikh A.N., Maske Ravi G.


Design and Analysis of Crankshaft Used in Aerospace Applications and Comparison Using Different Materials (Download)

Satya Narayana Gupta, N.Mahesh,B.Dinesh Kumar


Oil Palm Fiber as Partial Replacement Aggregates for Normal Concrete (Download)

Wasiu John, Salami Victor, Awolusi T.F


Modeling of Hydro-Thermal Interconnected System with Conventional and Novel Controller (Download)

Bala Krishna Tirlangi, Srikanth Babu V, Suresh Kumar T


Thyristor Controlled Reactor with Different Topologies Based on Fuzzy Logic Controller (Download)

Fathy H. Awad , Ahmed A. Mansour  and Essam E. Abou Elzahab


Use of Rice Husk Ash as Partial Replacement with Cement in Concrete- A Review (Download)

Sourav Ghosal, S. Moulik


A Survey on Marketing Characteristics and Production System Strategies-Case Study: Cans Production (Download)

Laleh Tashakori, Abouzar Arabsorkhi

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