Volume 5 Issue 1

Evaluation of the Small Hydropower Potential of River Ethiope Using the RETScreen Software [Download]

S.O.Otuagoma, E.A.Ogujor, and P.A.Kuale


Testing, Performance and Reliability Evaluation of ChargeControllers for Solar Photovoltaic Home Lighting Systemin India [Download]

Adarsh Kumar,ChandraShekhar Sharma, Dr. Rajesh Kumar, Avinashkumar haldkar


Simplified intelligent Universal PID Controller [Download]

Mohamed I. Abu El- Sebah


Trend of Scientific Research: Analysis of Mega-Data of Discrete Event Systems Described by Petri Nets and Their Extensions [Download]

Omaima BENATIA ; Mohamed FRI ; Mohammed MSAAF; Hajar ISMAILI ALAOUI ;  Fouad BELMAJDOUB


Generation   Networks and Technical Aspects of the Different Technologies [Download]

Ms. Jyoti.C.Kolte , Mrs.  kalpana A.Mankar ,  Mr.D.G.Gahane


Epileptic Seizure Detection Using an Algorithm Based on Fractal Dimension [Download]

Bhagyeshwari D Chalageri, Halima R, H G Nagendra


Parametric Factors Affecting the Performance Improvement of a Solar Still Coupled With a Flat Plate Collector [Download]

Govind S. Menon


Channel Dependent Network Layer Encryption [Download]

Akash Mukherjee


Analysis of Brainstem Auditory Evoked Potential Using Discrete Wavelet Transform [Download]

Sandhya Dass , Mallikarjun.S.Holi , Soundararajan


Community Economic Improvement on Flats Based on Sustainable Housing Concept [Download]

Hana Rosilawati1, Purwanita Setijanti, V. Totok Noerwasito


Binomial Probability Density Function: Energy Efficient Approach to Wireless Sensor Network [Download]

Vishal Puri


Effect of Roof Profiles on Wind Heat Loss Coefficient for Roof Top Solar Collectors in the Gulf Region [Download]

Zakariya Kaneesamkandiand Basharat Saleem


Writer Identification for Handwritten Document Based on Structured Learning [Download]

Miss. Kiran Gole, Miss. Julekha Mulani, Mr. Govind Kumar, Prof. Deepali Gosavi


On The Use of Lacunarity Analysis of CGR Images for Metagenomic Classification [Download]

Aiswarya Prasad


Performance Improvement of Paddy Threshing UnitUsing Brushless Direct Current Motor [Download]

Bambang Sujanarko, Nita Kuswardhani, Vera Septi Andrini


Secured Energy Efficient Rebroadcasting With Neighbour Knowledge in MANET [Download]

Shailesh P. Patil, Pankaj R. Chandre


Mathematical Modelling and Simulation of Spark Ignition Engine for Predicting Engine Performance Characteristics [Download]

Arun Singh Negi, Neha Gupta, Dr. V.K. Gupta


Enhanced Power Supply Using Automatic Voltage Regulator Based Three Phase Voltage Selector System [Download]

Elechi P.,Omorogiuwa E., Sigalo M.B.


Modeling Retention Indices of a Series Components Food   and Pollutants of the Environment: Methods; OLS, LAD [Download] 

Fatiha Mebarki, Khadidja Amirat, Salima Ali Mokhnache,  Djelloul Messadi

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