Volume 5 Issue 12

Active Noise Control in Air-Conditioning Ducts [Download]

Dr. Ragab Mohamed A L- Sair, Dr.Hoda Soliman Siddiq, Mohamed Mahmoud Kamel Mahmoud


Impact of Improvisation and Utilization of Instructional Materials on Effective  Learning of Technical Drawing in Technical and Science Schools [Download]

Dr. Titus M. Owoh


The Design of the Self-healing Fiber Ring Network System Based on the ARM [Download]

 Song Liu, Zhiqiang Yuan , Caijun Xu


A Rudimentary Design of Remote Controlled RRR Manipulators [Download]

Adarsh Shanmugam A.L., Vignesh B., Krishna prasadh K.S., Abhinandan S, AjeyaVel N., B.Vaishnavi


Load Balancing Approach in Heterogeneous Distributed Systems - A Review [Download]

Palakodeti Venkata Sai Sudheer


Wind Driven SM-BDFIG for Remote Areas in Egypt [Download]

Mahmoud A. Saleh, Maged N. F. Nashed, Mona N. Eskander


Evaluation and Comparison of Elliptical & Circular Hertz Contact Area for Bearing 6007, 6207, 6307 & 6407 [Download]

Ritesh Kumar Dewangan, Surendra Pal Singh Matharu


Development of Renewable Energy Sector in India and Its Impact on Greenhouse Gasses [Download]

V.Sumateja Reddy


Partial Replacement of Fine Aggregates with Quarry Dust in Concrete Pavements [Download]

K. Raga Sai, P. Gopi, K. Shyam Prakash


Improved DFT – Based Channel Estimation Techniques for OFDM Signal [Download]

Nagham Abd Alazeez Mansour , Dr. Abdulkareem A. Kadhim


Comparative Study between Variable Length Error Correcting Code and Turbo Code with Orthogonal Frequency cialisfrance24.com Division Multiplexing [Download]

Dr. Tarik Zeyad Ismaeel, Zina Osama Dawood


Design and Fabrication of an Image Processing Based Autonomous Weapon [Download]

Goutam Das, Nurul Anwar, Shovan Chowdhury, Kazi Afzalur Rahman


Excitonic Conversions in Semiconductors [Download]

Saliou NDIAYE, Mamadou NIANE, Modou FAYE, and Bassirou BA


An Analytical Report on Renewable Energy Production from Municipal Wastes in Bangladesh [Download]

Goutam Das, Nurul Anwar, Shovan Chowdhury, Partha Pratim Chakraborty


Heat Transfer Analysis of Gasketed Plate Heat Exchanger [Download]

G.Anusha, P.S.Kishore


Comparative Analysis between PI and Fuzzy Controllers for Dc Voltage Control of Unbalanced 4 Wire Shunt Active Power Filter [Download] 

Ahmed A. Mansour , Mona M. Mamdouh , Sameh F.S. Eid

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