Volume 5 Issue 6

Advanced System to Protect and Shared Cloud Storage Data using Multilayer Steganography and Cryptography [Download]

Alok Ranjan, Mansi Bhonsle


High Availability Cloud Maps for Cloud System using HPE Serviceguard [Download]

Varsha Aiyappa C, Dr. Ramakanth Kumar P, Srinivas Krishnappa Shapur, Gururaja Grandhi


Survey on  Steganogrphy using Reversible Texture Synthesis [Download]

Arya Mol V, Sruthy S.


GIS Mapping for Population Distribution in Surat [Download]

Priyank P. Patel,  Bhasker V. Bhatt


A Comparative QOL Assessment for Surat City Zones [Download]

Prajapati Krishna Rameshchandra, Bhasker Vijaykumar Bhatt


Intelligent Parking Cloud Services based on IoT using MQTT Protocol [Download]

Prarna Dhar, Prof.Poonam Gupta


Simulation of Magneto-Rheological Brake for Automotive Application [Download]

Shrikant Kumbhar, Aditya Patil, Baskar P.


Survey: A Learning Based Slide Generation from Academic Paper [Download]

Amritha S. Dev, Amina Beevi A.


A Digital Error Correction Technique for the Resettable Delta-Sigma Modulator Used in a Multiple-Sampling Based High-Resolution ADC [Download]

Khandaker Mohammad Raisul Amin, Tongxi Wang, Min-Woong Seo, Shoji Kawahito


Overview of Shunt Active Filter used for Reduction of Harmonics in 3-Phase, 3-Wire System  [Download]

P.T.Krishna Sai , I.Sairam


Theoretics Study of The Effect of Suction and Blowing on Turbulence[Download]



Survey on Profile Creation and Privacy in Personalized Web Search [Download]

Seetha Lekshmi B., Annie George


Privacy Preserving Content Based Image Retrieval with Load Balanced Framework  [Download]

Bhagyashree V.  Khapli, Manjushri A. Mahajan


Image Detection and Verification Using Local Binary Pattern with SVM  [Download]

Pradnya Sanas,Prof. Poonam Gupta


User Satisfaction Level Infrastructure Service Assessment Using Indicators Forews Housing [Download]

Shivang Naresh Kumar Dabhi, Bhasker Vijaykumar Bhatt


Properties of Carbon Nanotube (CNT) Reinforced Cement  [Download]

Ali Kahidan,Mohammadreza Shirmohammadian


Migration from Hardware to Software Radio [Download]

Amit Kumar


Identification of Factors Responsible for Urban Expansion of Surat [Download]

Krunal R. Savani, Bhasker Vijaykumar Bhatt


Analysis of Educational Centers in North Zone of Surat City[Download]

Monali K. Patel, Bhasker V. Bhatt


Water Balance Assessment using Q-SWAT [Download]

Shruti Bansode, Kailas Patil


Performance Analysis of BRT System Surat [Download]

Tisa V. Agarbattiwala, Bhasker Vijaykumar Bhatt


A Technique for Resource-strained Devices By Refined Evidence of Retrievability Stratagem of Cloud Storage Services [Download]

Ujjwala Bandawane , Sandeep Gore


Grid Computing: Review and S.W.O.T Analysis [Download]

Saloni Minocha, Hari Singh


Mapreduce Technique: Review and S.W.O.T Analysis [Download]

Saloni Minocha, Hari Singh


Recommendation System for Tree Structure Data Based on Fuzzy Preferences and Clustering[Download]

Megha Sen , Seema Udgirkar


A Review of Maximum Power Point Tracking Techniques for Photovoltaic System [Download]

Anurag Rai, Bhoomika Awasthi, Shweta Singh, C. K. Dwivedi


A Refined Approach for Aspect Based Mining of Reviews using PAMM Model and DCRF Model [Download] 

Pooja Gawande, Sandeep Gore


Mining of E-commerce Feedback Comments for Multi-dimensional Trust Evaluation [Download] 

Priyanka Kumbhar, Manjushree Mahajan

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