Volume 5 Issue 8

Effect of Polypropylene Fibre on Stability of Expansive Soil[Download]

Naranagowda M.J., Rudresh Kumar P., Renuka Prasad K.E., Mahesha N., Sashidhar K.M.


An Experimental Study on Stabilization of Black Cotton Soil by Using Quarry Dust and Lime Mixture[Download]

Naranagowda M.J., Bharath B., Bahubali S.J., Darshan K.R., Kiran Kumar S.


CFD Analysis and Comparision of Spiroid and Dual Feather Winglets[Download]

Vinay Kumar Bada, Kumari Monika, Akram Hussain Md., Praveenkumar Chikoti


Numerical Analysis of Premixed Combustion in Heating Plate by T-type Ejector [Download]

Peng Zhi-wei,Gong Jing,Hou You-liang


Need and Usage of Traceability Matrix for Managing Requirements[Download]

Dr. Mamta Madan,   Dr. Meenu Dave, Anisha Tandon


Short Term Trend of Streamflow in West Coast of India[Download]

Priya Philip, Lisa Maria Jacob, Sherin M Cherian, Siji Mariam Varghese, Mathew S Kadavan


Comparative Analysis of MIVAN Formwork Building and Conventional Formwork Building Based on Cost and Duration[Download]

Danish Sadruddin Ansari, Pratik Sudhakar Kudale


Estimation of Life Time of Fuel Droplet Evaporation with Various in Cylinder Pressures, Compression Ratios and Exhaust Gas Recirculation [Download]

Jyotirmoy Mukherjee, M. Velliangiri


Ultracapacitor: Modelling and Characterization for Electric Vehicle Application[Download]

Hala S. Khalil and Khaled N. Faris


Small Signal Stability Analysis of the Wind Farm Integrated Power System in Penghu Island [Download]

Shao-Hong Tsai, Chung-Huo Lin, Yi-Hsiang Tseng


Integration of Renewable Energy Sources to the Nigerian National Grid - Way out of Power Crisis [Download]

I.A. Ikem, M. I. Ibeh, Oku E. Nyong, Stephen A. Takim


Dynamic Analysis of Steel Frame Using Manufactured Viscous DMAPER[Download]

T. S. Prashanth Hathwar


Gasification of a Solid Dry Waste (Biomass)[Download]

Abdelmalik M. Shakorfow


Studies on Balloon Storage of Biogas for Anywhere Use [Download]

Ishaya G,  Jijingi H. E., Ngabea S. A


Performance Analysis of Four Stroke SI Engine Running on Flex Fuel Mixture [Download]

Udit K. Amin, Kartikeya Singh, Kandarp S. Patel, Gajanan S. Patange


2.1 MW Wind Turbine Performance and Dynamic Analysis using Power Curve [Download]

Vasishta bhargava, Balaji Krushna P. , K. V. R. S. Sairam


Logarithmic Multiplier: An Analytical Review [Download]

Parvin Akhter, Sachin Bandewar,Durgesh Nandan



Analysis, Modelling and Simulation of a Multiphase Interleaved Buck Dc/Dc Converter for PV Applications [Download]

Khaled N. Faris , HalaS. Khalil, and Mohsen M. T. EL-Hagry


Development of Novel Connection Control Method for Small Scale Solar - Wind Hybrid Power Plant[Download] 

Vu Minh Phap, N. Yamamura, M. Ishida, J. Hirai, K. Nakatani

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