Volume 5 Issue 9

A Review on Experimental Design of Natural Convection of Heat Transfer from Aperture and Throughout Slotted Rectangular Pin Fin [Download]

Mr. Raj kumar, Gurlal Singh


Design and Implementation of Android Remote Power Control System [Download]

Tsung-Han Wua,  Ping-Huang Wub


Enhancement of Power Quality in Distribution System Using D-Statcom [Download]

Ruma Deb, Dheeraj Pandey


Structural Analysis of Three Stage Coupled Planetary Gear Train and Determination of Efficiency [Download]

Chinmay Jodder, Dr. J. Saha


Analysis of a Primary Suspension Spring Used In Locomotives [Download]

K. Pavan Kumar, B. Vinod Kumar, P. Gopi, K. Aruna



Analysis of Multilevel Inverter Fed Open-End Winding Induction Motor Drive for Reduction of Zero Sequence Voltage [Download]

S.Gowthami, M.Ranjit


Modelling of Permanent Magnet Axial Flux Synchronous Machine and Its Application to the Wind Energy Conversion [Download]

A.Pravalika, Mr. V. Ramesh Babu


Experimental Investigation in Effect of Low-Calcium FlyashGeopolymer Concrete


G. L. Abishek


Voltage Sag Mitigation Using Static VAR Compensator [Download]

S. Rashmi, Dr. Venu Yarlagadda


Report On Harmonics Generation and Mitigation in Power System [Download]

Miss. Nikita Ramesh Kalaskar , Mr. Rajesh Holmukhe


Efficient Approach for Anonymizing Tree Structured Dataset Using Improved Greedy Search Algorithm [Download]

Ruchira Warekar , Savitri patil



Experimental Study and CFD Analysis of Copper Radiator for Passenger Cars


R.K. Jaya kumar, Dr.K.S.Amirthagadeswaran


Convective Heat Transfer to an Evaporating Liquid Drop in a Direct Contact with an Immiscible Liquid: Theoretical Analysis for Heat Transfer Coefficient and Bubble Growth Rate [Download]

Hameed B. Mahood


Reconfigurable Enhanced Gain Beam Steerable Antenna for S-Band Radar Communication [Download] 

Lipsa Singh, Debaprasad Barad, Subhrakanta Behera

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