Volume 5 Issue Special2

This Two Day National Conference on Innovative Trends in Mechanical and Automobile Engineering was organized by Department of Mechanical Engineering, M.V.S.R. Engineering College, Nadergul, Hyderabad Telangana India during 11-12 Feb. 2016 


3-Dimensional FE Analysis and Optimization of Bike Structure [Download]



Design and Development of Quad copter for Surveillance [Download]

Faiyaz Ahmed, Y. Shivraj


A Low Cost Aurdino Controlled Floor Mopping Robot [Download]

Sayali P Chavan , M R Dhanvijay, M.D.Jaybhaye


Design of Propeller Shaft for Pedalling a Bicycle [Download]

B.Koteswararao, D.Ravi, K.Siva Kishore Babu


Tensile properties of Polyester/Vinylester Blended Hybrid Nanocomposites Reinforced with Carbon Fibre [Download]

P. Hari Sankar, Y. V. Mohana Reddy, K. Hemachandra Reddy


Charaterization of Epoxy Hybrid Composition: Effect of Glass/ Sansevieria Cylindrica Fiber on Mechanical & Thermal Properties [Download]

V.Nikhil Murthy, R. Haranath, B.Suresh Kumar Reddy


Experimental Investigations on Application of Cuprous oxide Coating on Gear Teeth for Delaying Pitting Formation [Download]

Kalathur Kumar , Dr.S.Arul , Dr.C.Nadamuni Reddy


Tolerance Allocation and Analysis of Precision Aerospace Components [Download]

Mary Jasmine Victor J., B. Venkateswara Rao, Dr. K. Ramesh Kumar


Characterization of Aegle Marmelos Fiber Reinforced Composite [Download]

Dr. M. Naga Phani Sastry, K. Devaki Devi, Din Bandhu


Preparation and Characterization of Mechanical Properties of Glass Powder Reinforced Composites with Isopthalic Polyester Resin as Matrix [Download]

Dr. Raja Narendar Reddy. K, Sripathy.S


Optimization of Hot Turning Parameters by using Taguchi based Grey Relation Analysis [Download]

Venkatesh G, Sivaiah P, Chakradhar D


Macro Economic Variable Base Inventory Control Model for Perishable Items [Download]

A. Chandrakanth, Dr.S. Gajanana,B. Suresh Kumar Reddy


Compared Evaluation of Vendor Selection Using Different Methods [Download]

K.B.G.Tilak, A.Venkata Vishnu, S.A. Mujeeb-Ur-Rehman


Application of Pugh Selection Matrix for Fuel Level Sensing Technology Selection [Download]

Madke Pranita B., Dr. Jaybhaye M.D.


Prioritising and Ranking of Factors Affecting Supplier on-Time Delivery [Download]

Digvijay S. Patil, M. R. Dhanvijay


Implementation of E-Commerce in Tiny and Micro Organizations [Download]

M.Venkata Ramana, Dr. G.Poshal, Dipankar


Some Numerical Studies on Machine Scheduling Problems [Download]

A.L.Kameswari, K.Sreenivasa Rao


A Population based Metaheuristics for Optimum Design of Single Row Layout in Flexible Manufacturing System with Integrated Job shop Scheduling [Download]

K.Mallikarjuna, A.Srinivas, V.Veeranna, K. Hemachandra Reddy


Selection of LEAN Facilitator and Machine for Implementing LEAN Manufacturing System in a Discrete Manufacturing [Download]

P.Rajeswara Reddy, G. Krishnaiah, V.Diwakar Reddy


Assessment of Rapid Prototyping Techniques for Metal Casting and its Applications [Download]

Regula Sri Nidhi Hrushi Kesav,Y.Shivraj Narayan


Evaluation of Performance of CNC Turning Centres Alternative Method [Download]

B. Ramya Sri, Srinivasa R Nandam, M. Srinivasa Rao


Multi-Level Cavity Forming Analysis Using Fluid Forming Technique [Download]

E. Hazya, Dr.S.Gajanana, M. Mallareddy, V.Raviteja


Shrinkage Defect Elimination in Ductile Iron Casting using Virtual Solidification Simulation [Download]

N.Veman Reddy, Ramanathan S., Ammineni Syam Prasad


Shrinkage Defect Elimination in Ductile Iron Casting using Virtual Solidification Simulation [Download]

N.Veman Reddy, Ramanathan S., Ammineni Syam Prasad


A Comparative Study of CNC Milling of Aluminium using Flood Coolant and Air Cooled Machining [Download]

A. Dhar, A. Saikia, M. K. Barman, N. Kashyap, A. Borah


Investigation of Amorphous Fe80-xPrxB20(2≤X≤8) Alloys [Download]

N. Rajya Lakshmi, B. Bhanu Prasad


Crystallization Kinetics in Amorphous Fe74Y6B20 Alloy [Download]

M.D.V. Srilalitha, B. Bhanu Prasad


An Experimental Investigation of Shielded Metal Arc Welding processes on Duplex Stainless Steel to control and correction of distortion in Weldments [Download]

A.Balaram Naik, A.Chennakesava Reddy


Experimental Investigation of Process Parameters of Submerged Wire EDM for Machining High Speed Steel [Download]

A. Chandrakanth, Dr. S. Gajanana, B. Kshetramohan


A Review on the Effect of Various Process Parameters in Cold Metal Transfer (CMT) GMAW Welding [Download]

G. Prakasham, Dr. L. Siva Rama Krishna, Dr. A. Seshu Kumar


Experimental Investigations on Microstructure of Equal Channel Angular Pressed Aluminum Alloys at Different Die Angles [Download]

S.V.NarsimhaRao, M.ManzoorHussain, S. Rajesham


Review Article on 5S – Most Powerful Lean Manufacturing Tool [Download]

G. Srinivas Rao, Dr.C.V. Kameshwar Rao


Study of Process Parameters in gas Pressure Super Plastic Forming [Download]

SrinivasSuri, Dr. M. ManjoorHussain, Dr. Abhijit Dutta


Microstructure and Corrosion Behaviour of Friction Stir Processed AZ91 Mg Alloy [Download]

G.V.V Surya Kiran, Sk. Sameer, B. Santosh Kumar, M. Bhargavi, K. Hari Krishna, B. Ratna Sunil


Experimental Investigation and Analysis of Optimum Cutting Parameters for AISI1042 Using Grey-Taghuchi Analysis [Download]

A. Hemantha KumarProf. G. Subba Rao, T. Rajmohan, Prof G. Krishnaiah


Numerical Simulation to Determine the Mould Filling Ability of Aluminum Alloy in Semi Solid Metal Processing [Download]

M.V. Kishore, Dr. D. Hanumantha Rao,  Dr. M. Manzoor Hussain


Experimental Investigations on Performance of Diesel Engine with Neem Oil, Cow Ghee and NFA Blends With Atomized Diesel [Download]

Dr. M. Naga Phani Sastry, K. Devaki Devi


Computational Analysis of Catalytic Converter Light-off Temperature in Exhaust System of IC Engine [Download]

Suresh Devunuri, Ravi Kumar.R, SumanRaju.V


Thermodynamic Cycle Analysis of Mobile Air Conditioning System Using HFO-1234yf as an Alternative Replacement of HFC-134a [Download]

 Jignesh Gohel, Dr. Ragesh Kapadia


Effects Of Additives On The Performance And Emission Characteristics Of A Alcohol Fuelled C.I Engine Using Glow Plug [Download]

M.Srinivasnaik, Dr.T.V.V. Sudhakar, Dr.B. Balunaik


Computational Analysis and Optimization of Blowing Ratio for Effective Film Cooling of a Gas Turbine Blade [Download]

J.Sita Priya Darsini, Dr. S. Gajanana, Dr. G. Venkata Subbaiah, K.Vikram Aditya


A Review of Porous-Media Combustion Technology Applied to IC Engine [Download]

Kursam Krishna, Dr.B.Sudheer Prem Kumar, Dr.K.Vijaya Kumar Reddy, P.Vijaya Rao, Ravi Gugulothu


Performance Investigation of Two VCR Circuits Connected In Parallel with R134a and HC Blends  [Download]

Srinivas Pendyala, Ravi Kumar M., Ravi Kumar B.


Performance Evaluation of High Pressure Down Draft Biomass Gasifier for BIG/GT Applications [Download]

G.Srinivasa sharma,Dr.M.V.S.Murali Krishna


Experimental Investigation of Enhanced Heat Transfer of Viscous Fluid in an Oil Cooler using Wireloop Tube Inserts [Download]

M. Bhargava Chandra, A.Chandra Kanth, Ammineni Syam Prasad


Dynamic Analysis of Planar Revolute type Multilink Robots with Flexible Joints [Download


E. Madhusudan Raju, L.Siva Rama Krishna, V Nageswara Rao

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