Volume 5 Issue Special3

This Two Day National Conference on Advances in Structural Engineering(NCASE) was organizing by Department of Applied Mechanical Engineering, Government College of Engineering, Karad Dist-Satara M.H. India during 27-28 Feb. 2016


Evaluation on Definition of Strength Reduction Factor for Soil Structure Interaction of Multistoried Buildings [Download]

Aly K, Antony Balan


Comparison between Different Shapes of Structure by Time History Method of Dynamic Analysis [Download]

Ramchandani Jaya Rajkumar, Mangulkar Madhuri N


Bending Analysis of Deep Beam Using Refined Shear Deformation Theory [Download]

Vikas A. Jadhav and Ajay G. Dahake


A New Trigonometric Shear Deformation Theory for Thick Fixed Beam [Download]

Satish S. Manal, Rajmahendra M. Sawant and Ajay G. Dahake


Design of Flat Slab with MATLAB [Download]

S. P. Nirkhe, D. N. Kakade, A. G. Dahake


Design Calculation & Analysis of Foundation & Columns of Buildings: A Case Study at Gwalior [Download]

Utpal Kumar Nandy, Antara Nandy


Approaches to Beam, Slab & Staircase Designing Using Limit State Design Method for Achieving Optimal Stability Conditions [Download]

Utpal Kumar Nandy, Shravani Nandy, Antara Nandy


Finite Element Analysis of Concrete Gravity Dam by Using STAAD-PRO [Download]

Rampure Aarti Baburao, Mangulkar Madhuri


Effect Of Carbon Fibre Reinforcement on Shear Strength of Concrete  [Download]

V. G. Kulkarni, P. B. Murnal


Additive to Cement –A Pozzolanic Material-Fly Ash [Download]


M. B. Varma and P. P. Gadling


Static Flexural Analysis of Thick Isotropic Beam Using Hyperbolic Shear Deformation Theory [Download]

P. M. Pankade, D. H. Tupe, S. B. Salve


Effect of Opening In Shear Wall [Download]

 Anand S. Attal,  Jyoti P. Bhusari


Investigations of Effective Mitigation Techniques to Avoid Pounding [Download]

Quraishi Izharulhaque, Sangeeta Shinde


Optimum Performance of Diagrid Structure [Download]

Amol V. Gorle, S. D. Gowardhan


Development of High Strength Concrete Using Fly Ash and Alccofine  [Download]

Shaikh Mohd Zubair, S. S. Jamkar


Developments of Fragility Curves For RC Buildings [Download]

Vazurkar U. Y., Chaudhari, D. J.


Nondestructive Evaluation of Concrete Structures  [Download]

Raut Pankaj


Retrofitting Of RCC Structure with Strengthening Of Shear Wall with External Post Tensioning Cables [Download]

Yogesh Ghodke, G. R. Gandhe


Seismic Behavior of RC Building Isolated by R-FBI System [Download]

S. M. Dumne, M. K. Shrimali


Comparative Study of RC Flat Slab & Shear Wall with Conventional Framed Structure in High Rise Building [Download]

K. G. Patwari, L. G. Kalurkar


Condition Assessment of RCC ESR Using NDT Methods [Download]

Vaibhav S.Umap, Y R M Rao


Topology Optimization of Truss [Download]

Naresh D. Sonwane, K.N. Kadam


Comparative Study of Buckling Restrained Braces and Conventional Braces in a Medium Rise Building [Download]

Nikhil D. Sontakke, P. S. Lande


Analytical Behavior of Concrete Filled Steel Tubular Columns Under Axial Compression [Download]

Vishwajeet Patel, P. S. Lande


Analysis of Single Span Prestressed Concrete Beams using Different Methods [Download]

Rajesh Bhargava, K.K.Pathak, Saleem Akhtar


Performance Evaluation of Flat Slab with Storey Height Variation Using Pushover Analysis [Download]

Sayali A. Baitule, Ashish R. Akhare


Comparison of Member Forces in a-Type Truss Using IS875 And SP38 [Download]

K. N. Kadam, A. J. Limbage


Effects of Soil Structure Interaction on Behavior of Structural Frames [Download]

S.S.Pusadkar, A.B.Ugale


Analytical Study on Behavior of Composite Slabs with Profiled Steel Decking [Download]

S. S. Kalamkar, A.R. Akhare


Seismic Analyses on Ten Storey Building Located in Seismic Zone III of India [Download]

Pramodini Naik Gaonkar, Satish Annigeri


Application Of Smart Materials In Civil Engineering For Better Tomorrows: A Review [Download]

Piyush V Khole, Milind V. Mohod


Analysis of Embankment on Soft Soil Improved with Stone Columns [Download]

Hans Raj, V. A. Sawant


Effect of Artificial Sand on Compressive Strength and Workability of Concrete [Download]

Harshlata R. Raut  and Ashish B. Ugale


Introduction to New Material - Cross Laminated Timber [Download]

Nisha (Kalaskar) Divekar


Ceramic Aggregate Comparison with Conventional Aggregate [Download]

Anjali Maruti Satre, Dr. Sanjay K. Kulkarni, Nagesh Shelke


Seismic Response Control of Vertically Irregular R.C.C. Structure using Base Isolation [Download]

S. D. Darshale, N. L. Shelke


Study of Seismic Behavior of Multi-Storied R.C.C. Buildings Resting on Sloping Ground and Considering Bracing System  [Download]

D. J. Misal, M. A. Bagade


Use of Slim Columns for Cost Effective and Aesthetic Construction [Download]

Snehal S. Daundkar, Siddhesh N. Gujarathi


A Review on Seismic Response of RC Building On Sloping Ground [Download]

S.D.Uttekar, C.R.Nayak


Experimental Study of Seismic Behavior of Multi-Storied Framed Structure Connected With Viscous Fluid Dampers And Lumped Masses [Download]

P. K. Deshpande, Vaibhav Shelar


Analysis of Composite Beams Using an Elasticity Method [Download]

Rakesh Patel, S.K.Dubey, K.K.Pathak


Performance of Infill Walls as a Global Retrofitting Technique [Download]

S. S. Nibhorkar, B. H. Shinde


Precursory Behavior of Fractal Characteristics of The Ulf Data Associated with Earthquake [Download]

Amol V. Patil, Ashok K. Sharma, Savita A. Patil


A Review on: Shape Memory Alloy and Its Application in Civil Structures [Download]

K.M.Bajoria, Shreya Kaduskar


Seismic Performances of Composite Moment-Resisting Frames: State of the Art [Download]

S. V. Itti, A. A. Mahadar


Effectiveness of Water Tank as Passive TMD for RCC Buildings [Download]

Rutuja S. Meshram, S N. Khante


Studies on Soil-Structure Interaction: A Review [Download]

 Prakash M. Yesane, Y. M. Ghugal, R. L. Wankhade


Experimental Investigations into the Behavior of Piled-Footing in Clayey Soil [Download]

Amitkumar R. Bais


Performance Based Seismic Design Of RCC Building [Download]

Suchita Hirde, Irshad Mullani


Seismic Evaluation of Irregular Structures [Download]

Suchita Hirde, Rahul Aher


Ductile Concrete Using Engineered Cementitious Composites [Download]

U. L. Deshpande, Pranesh B Murnal


Study on Properties of Concrete with Addition of SBR And Steel Fiber [Download]

Rajan L. Wankhade, Amarsinh B. Landage


Review on Polymer Modified Concrete and Its Application to Concrete Structures [Download]

S. K. Hirde, Omprakash S. Dudhal


Earthquake Response of Secondary Systems in Fixed-Base and Base-Isolated Primary Structures [Download]

Pravin Jagtap, Niranjan Muley, Vasant Matsagar


Seismic Performance of Multi-Storey RCC Building with Floating Columns [Download]

Suchita Hirde, Dhananjay Rahangdale


Effective Utilization of Copper Slag and Foundry Sand in Concrete [Download]

Rohan Chhajed, Kalyani Shinkar,Varsha Dhanwade,Kishor Shelke, Mrs.Renuka Purohit, Mr. Shreyash Shah

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