Volume 5 Issue Special4

This One Day International Conference on Convergent Innovative Technologies (ICCIT-2016) was organizing by Department of CSE, ISE & MCA, Cambridge institute of Technology Bangalore India on 20th May 2016


Network Aware Open stack Nova Scheduler [Download]

Nanditha A, Shivakumar Dalali


Prediction of Cardiovascular Risk Analysis and Performance Evaluation Using Various Data Mining Techniques: A Review [Download]

Bindushree D C, Dr. Udaya Rani V


Machine Learning Approach for Unstructured Data Using Hive [Download]

Neha Mangla,  Shanthi Mahesh, Chhayam, Vidyashree G, Vikas


Sentiment Analysis of Product Attribute Using Social Media [Download]

Raju B N, Dr.Chandrakant Naikodi,Dr.Suresh L


Co-Extracting Opinion Relations from Online Reviews Based On the Word Alignment Model [Download]

Mrs.Nibedita Pangrahi,  Chaithanya  M Murthy, Chaitra B R, Harshitha  V, Neha G A


An Overview on Resource Manager Agent to Increase the Efficiency in Cloud Distributed Computing Using Bigdata Application [Download]

Rashmi G.D, Prof Heena Kousar, Dr. B.R.Prasad Babu


Educational Document Classification Using Natural Language Processing [Download]

Spoorthi M, Srilekha K, Sanjana J, Kushal Kumar B N


Water Level Indicator Using Smart Bluetooth [Download]

Ajith Kumar M, Dr. Chandrakant Naikodi, Dr. L. Suresh


Improving Performance of WSNS by Detouring Infected Areas [Download]

Asfa Sadaf Albadri, Dr. Chandrakant Naikodi, Dr. Suresh L


Integrity of Data Discovery and Dissemination to Improves the Quality of Service (QOS) In WSNS [Download]

Ashwini, Dr. Chandrakant Naikodi, Dr. L. Suresh


Implementation of Generation of Image Content Descriptor Using Content-Based Image Retrieval [Download]

Chaitra.T.N, Dr. Chandrakant Naikodi, Dr. L. Suresh


Cooperative bait discovery system for Detecting, Preventing and Broadcasting, Malevolent Nodes Lunching Collaborative Attacks in MANETS [Download]

Chethan Kumar K M, Dr. Chandrakant Naikodi, Dr. Suresh L


Secure Multipath SEAOMDV-ELB Routing Protocol with An Efficient Load Balancing And Congestion Aware for Wireless Mesh Network [Download]

Nandini C H,Dr.Chandrakant Naikodi, Dr. Suresh L



Reliable Routing Algorithm for Wireless Mesh Network in Disastrous Prone Area [Download]

Vihitha .M


Customizing Technologies For Business Ventures Using Enterprise Resource Planning [Download]

Akash Rajanna, Dr.Suresh.L


Forest Fire Model Proposal For Match Fixing In Cricket Based On Criminal Network Analysis [Download]

Dr.K.Udayakumar, K.Ananthapadmanabha


Centralising Vehicle Traffic Control Using Device Management [Download]

P O Sunil , Dr Shashikumar H R


A Tool For Extirpateing Defenseless Software Vulnerability Superintend In Programs [Download]

Ravinder Kumar Joshi,Prajna Bhavi, Dr. Chandramouli H,Dr. B.R.Prasad Babu


Intelligent Key Administration Strategies Using CL-EKM over Dynamic WSN [Download]

Ms. Saumya L , Ms. Jayanthi M.G


Language Independent Content Extraction from Web Pages [Download]

Chandramma R,Ravindranath R Craviteja B,Ravikumar Y B, Venkatesh S,Yashwanth M


Cloud Computing Security Concerns [Download]

Christina Ruby


Performance Evaluation of Hybrid Mesh Routing Protocol Using Self-Configuring Mechanism for Wireless Mesh Networks [Download]

H R Ranganatha, T G Basavaraju


A Study on Load Balancing Techniques in Cloud Computing Environment [Download]

Suriya Begum, Kavya Sulegaon ,Venugopal


Image Processing System for Fertilization Management of Crops [Download]

Romana Tazeen, Shilpa H N, Usha P, Mrs. Jayanthi M G, Dr. Shashikumar D R


A Tool for Analyzing The UML Diagrams Using Umlseccheck 3.0 And Detecting Vulnerabilities [Download]

Ananyap, Dr. Prasad Babu B.R And Dr. Chandramouli S


Big Data Analytics towards Guaranteed Loan Repayment of Corporate Firms [Download]

Shilpa.S.Ghasti , Swathi.Y


Distributed Accountability for Cloud In Data Sharing [Download]

Thusha V,Bhagavant Deshpande


Image Recreation by Dual Random Projection [Download]

Savita Gupta


Secret Sharing Of IOT Healthcare Data Using Cryptographic Algorithm [Download]

K. Niranjana Devi , R. Muthuselvi


Energy Aware multi path AODV routing Protocol for Mobile Ad Hoc Network [Download]

Nagaraj M. Lutimath,Suresh L,Chandrakant Naikodi


SERBAC Framework to Prevent Data Integrity In Cloud Structure [Download]

Sunitha B S, Dr. Anirban Basu


A3P: A Tool To Provide Privacy Policy Based Security Of Images On Content Sharing Sites [Download]

Prashanthi H C, Mr. Raghavendra T S


An Approach for Detecting and Correcting Errors of Big Sensor Data [Download]

Neela S, Dr. Chandramouli H,Dr. B.R.Prasad Babu,Mr.Pramod


A Tool for Ferreting out Software Vulnerability in Aegis & Armament Programs Redemption [Download]

Prajna Bhavi, Dr. Chandramouli H, Dr. B.R.Prasad Babu


Preserving Privacy and Security of Big Data Using Hadoop Framework [Download]

Shushma. R ,  Mr.Vinayaka. S.P


Anonymous Private Routing and Secure Transmission Protocol in Ad Hoc Networks (APRSTPN) [Download]

Deepav H ,Dr. K Sathyanarayanareddy, Mr. Manjunatha P B


A Detailed Survey on Various Cloud Computing Simulators [Download]

Mr.Manjunatha S, Mr.Bhanu Prakash, Mr.Balakrishna H M


Deep Neural Network Used As a Supervised Image Classifier with Noise Recognition [Download]

S Vinutha, P Brinda, Savier Soundaraj S V


Effect of Thermophoresis On Heat And Mass Transfer By Convective Flow Along A Sinusoidal Wavy Surface [Download]

B. Mallikarjuna,  Krishna Murthy And Ali. J. Chamkha


Adsorption of Hazardous Azo Dye from Aqueous Solution Onto Parthenium Flower Activated Carbon: Approach To The Batch And Regeneration Studies [Download]

M. Mahadevaswamy, N. Padmavathy, S.Preetha, K.H. Hemakumar, B.M. Nagabhushana


Synthesis of Tio2 Nano particles by Solution Combustion Technique Using Different Plant Extracts [Download]

G.R.Navyashreea, H. Nagabhushanab, D.V.Sunithaa, S.Yeshodammaa,C


Thermal, Conductivity And Morphological Properties By the Effect Of Lithium Dopant In Poly (Ethylene Oxide) (PEO): An Application To Polymer Secondary Batteries [Download]

Manjunatha V, Devendrappa H


Photoluminescence Studies Of Y2O3:Sm3+ Nanophosphor Irradiated With 6 Mev E-Beam [Download] 

S.Yeshodammaa,D ,   D.V.Sunithaa, H. Nagabhushanab, G.R.Navyashreea, K.Hareeshc, N.Bhoraskarc, S.D.Dholec

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