Volume 5 Issue Special6

This One Day International Conference on Convergent Innovative Technologies (ICCIT-2016) was organizing by Department of CSE, ISE & MCA, Cambridge institute of Technology Bangalore India on 20th May 2016


Development and Implementation of BEM Solution for 3- D Arbitrary Shaped conduction Bodies Using Face Based Basis Functions [Download]

Anand.S.N, Dr. Sreerama Reddy .T.V, Dr.Madhu.D


Study of Properties on Polymer Materials Used As Biomaterials For Implants [Download]

Naveen Kumar A, Dr.Gangadhara Shetty B


Determination of mechanical properties of Aluminum Alloy (7075) Reinforced with Aluminum Oxide (Al2O3) [Download]

Karunesh G, Y J Manjunath,


A Review of Recovery of Energy from Waste [Download]

Anoop Kumar G, Naveen Kumar, Dr.Gangadhara Shetty


Design & Analysis of Seat Tilting Of a Wheelchair by Using Hydraulic System [Download]

Basavaraj K , Shantha kumar G.K, Mohamed Ajmal Pasha, Shubham Maruti Jabade, Mohamed Ibrahim



Effect of Anti-Aphids and Anti-Bemisia Insect Proof Screens on the inside Microclimate in a Naturally Ventilated Bi span Greenhouse: a CFD Study [Download]

V.Bharath, M.V.Puneeth Kumar


Structural Evaluation of an Automobile Wheel [Download]

Karunesh G, Jose francis, Chetan M, SubinEshan KP


Design of Car [Download]

Chintu Kumar, Naveen Kumar, Dr.Gangadhara Shetty


Study on the Behavior of the Polymer Materials with Biomaterials [Download]

Naveen Kumar, Dr.Gangadhara Shetty, Naveena M3, Prashanth Gudodagi


Nanosilver in Antimicrobial Textiles  [Download]

Nivya Uday, Averil Fernandes, H.M. Shravya


Studies on Wear Behavior of AA2024-B4C Composites [Download]

Shivananda B K, Madeva Nagaral,D Madhu, V Auradi


Multi Purpose Agricultural Robot [Download]

Nithin P V, Shivaprakash S


Spray Pattern Analysis of PAMO Oil [Download]

Nithin P V, Preetham M J, Rohithshrihari, Girish H S


Microstructure and Tensile behavior of AA7475-B4C Composites [Download]

Shivraj Koti, S B Halesh, Madeva Nagaral, V Auradi


Effect/Influence of Filler Loading On Erosive Behavior of Glass Epoxy Composites  [Download]

Vijay.B.R, Prashant Kumar Singh, Lokesh S


Design And Analysis Of Skid Frame For Pumping Station [Download]

Naveena M, Naveen Kumar A2Manjunath T V, Sudhakar K


Hardness And Tensile Behavior of AL-4.5%CU-SIC-Graphite Particulates Reinforced Hybrid Composites [Download]

Amarnath J S, Chris Edberg, Bharath G R, Girish B R, G L Chandrasekhar,Madeva Nagaral


Hardness and Wear Behavior of B4C Particulates Reinforced Al-7Si-1Mg Alloy Composites [Download]

Chandrashekar B R, Prakash A M, K S Badarinarayan, Madeva Nagaral, Reddappa H N


Effect Of AL2O3 and Fly Ash Reinforced Particulates for Fatigue Behavior Of 1222-1225 The AL6061T6 Alloy Matrix Composites [Download]

Arun.L.R, Dr.Suneel Kumar N.Kulkarni


Design And Analysis Of Ti6AL4V Titanium Specimens For Enhancing Fatigue Life Performance Using Ultrasonic Impact Treatment [Download]

Prashanth.A, Dr. K. Elangovan,Rodriguez Arthurs S .A


Estimation of Solar Potential of Grid Connected Photo-Voltaic System for 100m2 Area [Download]

Santhosh Somashekar


Studies on Effect of Hardness and Normal Load on Weight Loss and Plastic Deformation Morphology in Three Body Abrasion [Download]

Hemaraju, Ranganatha S., Shashidhara K N


Designs And Analysis Of Functionally Graded Leaf Spring Structure [Download]

Madhava M C, Deepak G


CFD Analysis Of Shell And Tube Heat Exchanger [Download]

Praveen Kumar Kanti, Karthika.U.P, Sabeer Ali,Sanath Kumar.N ,Shyam Chandran C


Air Conditioning Powered By Engine Exhaust [Download] 

Rakesh B K, Abhay T G, Akhil Baby, Nithya A, Gokul Krishna G, Gurumurthy M


INS/GPS Data Interface Using MIL-1553b Protocol in Airborne Radars [Download]  

Amith S Patil, Arathi Pillai, D Aishwarya, Mrs. Priyadarshini M

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