Volume 6 Issue 1

Physical, Mechanical and Water Absorption Behavior of Bi-Directional Jute/Glass Fiber Reinforced Epoxy Composites [Download]

J Dehury, J. R. Mohanty, S. Biswas, https://www.viagrapascherfr.com/commander-sildenafil-100-uk/ V. Bhagat


VPI Player : An Approach for Virtual Percussion Instrument using Kinect[Download]

Priti Sanap, Shabda Dongaonkar


Correlation of Effect of Plasma-Nitridingon Fatigue Life of Low-Alloy Steel with Surface Stresses Estimated using FEM Analysis[Download]

U. N. Puntambekar, V. B. Patel, G. S. Grewal , P. B. Joshi


Pressure Distribution & Aerodynamic characteristics of NACA Airfoils using Computational Panel Method for 2D Lifting flow [Download]

Vasishta bhargava, Ch Koteshwara Rao, Y.D. Dwivedi


Thermal Analysis of a Compound Parabolic Collector [Download]

Eshan Kumar Nashine, P.S.Kishore


Photovoltaic (PV) System Connected to the Grid without Battery Storage as a Solution to Electricity Problems in Burkina Faso[Download]

Guingane Toussaint Tilado, Bonkoungou Dominique, Koalaga Zacharie, Zougmore François.


Utilization of Scoria as Aggregate in Lightweight Concrete [Download]

Aliyu Abubakar, Samson Duna


Resolution of Differentials Equations of Excess Minority Carriers and Excitons Transport in the Silicon Base[Download]

Mamadou NIANE, Saliou NDIAYE, Modou FAYE, Modou PILOR, Ousmane NGOM,Nacire MBENGUE, Moulaye DIAGNE, Omar A. NIASSE, Bassirou BA

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