Volume 6 Issue 2

Design of 10m/100m Ethernet Switch Based on Arm [Download]


Rui Fan , Liping Zhang , Caijun Xu


Optimization of the Energy Characteristic of a Refrigerating Machine with Cold Accumulator [Download]

Ikem, A. Ikem, M.I. Ibeh, Paul O. Yusuf, Barki Emmanuel, S. A. Takim


Inductive Learning of Fuzzy Rule-Based Classifier with Self-Constructing Clustering [Download]

Chie-Hong Lee, Cheng-Ru Wang, Yann-Yean Su, Shie-Jue Lee


A Five Line Stave Decision Model for Constructing a Big Trend Decision Support System for ETF Mutual Fund Investment [Download]

Weissor Shiue, Hao-Wei Chen, Wei-Sheng Liang, Annie Y.H. Chou, Frank S.C. Tseng


Nonlinear Analysis of Foundations with Concentric Openings [Download]

C Savitha, S Chandrakaran, T M Madhavanpillai


Study on Slaughterhouse Waste Water Treatment by SBR [Download]

Ashok Iranna Pilgonde


Isolation of Colliding Attackers Using Wormhole Path Watcher Packet (WPWP)


Dr.A.Nagesh ,  A.Gopi ,  R.Akkilesh Reddy


Study on Method of Domestic Wastewater Treatment through New-Type Multi-Layer Artificial Wetland [Download]

 Rajkumar Pandurang More


Automated Restaurant Ordering System Based on Embedded Technology [Download]

Indu S, Lyla B Das


Design Concept of Mangrove Kampung in Surabaya based on Sustainable Ecotourism[Download]

Anita Dianingrum, Emiria Letfiani, Happy Ratna Santosa, Rika Kisnarini, Dewi Septanti


Utilization & Specification of Plastic Waste in Bituminous Roads [Download]

Somesh Jethwani, Shubham Ashish Jha , Dheeraj Sangtiani


Implementation of Lean Principles: Towards Augmenting Productivity in Construction Industry – A Literature Review [Download]



Design and Analysis of Motor Casing for an Aerospace Vehicle [Download]

Chunchu Sravanthi, Pratibha Dharmavarapu ,Pooja Angolkar


Application of Neural Network PID Controller in Small Medical Thermostat [Download]

LeiXu, LipingZhang, ZhikuanCui, Caijun Xu


Cloud Computing for Chittagong Metropolitan Health information Technology


Nurul  Absar, Mohammad Farok

Performance Measurement of Open Shortest Path First (OSPF) Protocol in IP Networks 

Nurul  Absar, Md. Abdul Wahab, Md. Kamor  Uddin  Sikder

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