Volume 6 Issue 3

Design of a Hand-Held Grass Mower [Download] 

Ibe, Godwin Anwara


Evolution of Flow Velocities in a Rectangular Channel with Homogeneous Bed Roughness[Download]

Hela Romdhane, Amel Soualmia, Ludovic Cassan, Lucien Masbernat


Improving CBR of Soil With Fly Ash[Download]

K. Raga Sai, S.NV Anup Krishna, M .Sai Likitha, Shaik Salaam, Vikas Kumar Singh


Drilling Efficiency WithCasing While DrillingTechnique in South Rumaila (Iraqi Oil Field)  [Download]

 Dr. Ayad A. Alhaleem, Dr. Kaleem A Alwan, Fouad Alaa Yaseen


A Survey on Identification of Glaucoma, Exudates using Retinal Scan and Wavelet Filters[Download]

R.Saranya, M.Tamil Selvi, G.Uma Maheshwari, M.P Karthikeyan


A Survey on Effective Attendance Marking Using Face Recognition Behavior Monitoring and RFID[Download]

M. Suganthi, P. Sushmita, V. Tamil Selvi, M. P. Karthikeyan


Food Sorting & Grading Machine[Download]

Jaimeen Shah


Question Answering System Based on Neural Networks[Download]

Waheeb Ahmed, Bibin P.A., Babu Anto P.


Analysis of Water Quality Parameters: A Review[Download]

Ashwini B.Jamdade, Prof. Sagar M. Gawande


Design of Triple Band Pass Filters Using Three-Coupled Finline and Metamaterials [Download]

V. Madhusudana Rao, Dr. B. Prabhakara Rao


Analysis of Isolated Hybrid Renewable Energy System: A Study Report[Download]

Kshitij Arajpure, Adarsh Tripathy, Dr S.S Dash, Dr D.P. Kothari


Identification of Fingerprints with Help of Advanced Biometric System Design[Download]

A. Gopi,  Dr. A. Nagesh


Cooling of Water using Peltier Effect[Download]

Mohammed Hammad, Mohammad Firasat Ali Zahed, Mohd Abdul Hafeez, Mohammed Aslam Sohail


Dynamic Channel Allocation Technique for Distributed Multi radio Multi channel Multi path routing in Wireless Mesh Networks[Download]

Shreenidhi P.L., Puttamadappa C.


Enhanced Photo catalytic Decomposition of Organic Dye over a Novel Biochar/Rose-Like Biocl Composite Photo catalysts [Download]

Dan Wu, Changchang Ma, Yang Liu, Yongsheng Yan                            


Performance Evaluation for Information Centric Networking over Custom-SDN Network  [Download]

A.Gopi,  Dr. A. Nagesh


Optimized FIR Filter using Distributed Arithmetic Architecture[Download]

Prathibha P Nair, Tintu Mary John, Kuruvilla John


Optimizationof Solar Panel Module Positions[Download]



Analysis of Air Quality Parameters: A Review [Download]

Uday V. Pawar, Sagar M. Gawande


An Analysis of the Student Teachers` Facilitation of the Development of Creative Expression and Aestheticism among Infant Learners in Art and Design [Download] 

E. Chikwiri, J. Musiyiwa

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