Volume 6 Issue 6

Laser Beam Micromachining on Inconel- A Review[Download]  

Lakhan Agarwal, Sachin Borse


Experimental Determination of the Poisson’s Ratio and the Elastic Modulus of a Sand-Plastic Composite Material[Download]  

Moro Olivier BOFFOUE, Brahiman TRAORE, Conand Honoré KOUAKOU,  Kokou Esso ATCHOLI, Remy ACHAT,Souleymane OURATARA, Edjikémé EMERUWA


Structural Study of RH6G Dye Doped PVA+NH4SCN Gel Electrolyte[Download]  

Shital N. Bhad, Vijaya S. Sangawar


Optimal Selection of Gas Flow Meter using Analytical Hierarchy Process[Download]  

Nikhil P. Chaudhari, P. M. Ravanan, Asghar Shaikh


Major Factors Contributing Growth of Water Hyacinth in Natural Water Bodies[Download]  

Ranjitsing Pandurang Gaikwad, Prof. Sagar Gavande


A Study on Seasonal Variation of Hydro-Morphodynamic Parameters of Jamuna River[Download]  

Probir Kumar Pal, Afeefa Rahman, Dr. Anika Yunus


Adsorption and its Isotherm – Theory[Download]  

Prof. Sagar M Gawande, Niharika S Belwalkar, Anuja A Mane


Finite Element Analysis on Electrostatic Precipitator Steel Structures[Download]  

Luyu Huang, Yang Gao


Studies on Conversion of Thermal Energy in to Electrical Energy using Ferromagnetic Nickel as Core Material[Download]  

Mandava Sridhar, R. Subrahmanyam, Y. Aparna, J. Kishore Babu


The Finite Element Analysis of the Structural Girder in the Crushing Station of the Qi Da Shan Mine[Download]  

Xinyu Wang


Blockage Analysis and Detection in CT Angiography using Image Processing[Download]  

Pooja Patil, Priyanka Kumari, Priyanka Rakshe, Prof. Y.R.Dhumal Yashomati


A New AHP Model for Selecting the Best Battery for a Fire Fighting and Rescue Boat: Mofeed[Download]  

Hani H M H ALHababi


A Review of Multilevel Inverters with Reduce THD for Solar Application [Download]   

Deepa Raghuwanshi, Santosh Kumar 


Odour Reducing Technique in Field at Kurkumbh [Download]   

Shinde Rajaram B., Prof. Gawande Sagar M.

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