Volume 7 Issue Special 1

2 Day National Conference on Emerging Trends in Architecture (NCETA-2018) Organized by MIT School of Architecture (MIT University) Pune during 11 & 12 Jan. 2018  

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Conservation of Historic Buildings [Download] 

Adesh Gupta, Ar. Anant  Prakash



Design Indoors[Download] 

Ar.Adithi B.S


Water conservation: Need and Opportunities in rapid developing Residential dwellings in Suburb of Cities [Download] 

Ar. Ajinkya P. Niphadkar, Ar. Shobhan S. Kelkar


Reading Urban Design: Old Goa (Estado Da India) A Heritage Portuguese Colonial Capital of 16th Century, A Result of Cultural Miscegenation, an Era Forgotten [Download] 

Prof. Ajit C Madkaiker, Dr. Sudhir Chavan


Entertainplex as a Building Typology [Download] 

Amil kumar Hrangkhawl, Ar, Raj Kamal


New Era Redefines the Aesthetics [Download] 

Ar. Anita Kavathekar


An Adaptive and Experimental Approach towards Educating Aspiring Architects in the Subject of Construction Technology [Download] 

Anjali Rasane, Prashant Joshi


An Approach To Sustainable Solid Waste Management In A Hilly Region: Case Of Shillong, Meghalaya [Download] 

 Arunava Bhattacharya,Tanvi Katre


Theme: Indoor & Outdoor Design:  An Ecotel in Auroville [Download] 

Bushrajahan Sayyad, Ar. Chhaya Chavan- Tirvir


Urban Collage: the Conformities and Contradictions of Kolkata [Download] 

Ar. Deepashree Choudhury


Understanding the Conversion of Existing Agrarian Landscapes into Designed Agro Tourism Destination to Conserve Associated Cultural Heritage and Ecology: Shrirampur Taluka, Ahmednagar [Download] 

Ar. Dipeeka Hivarkar-Arbatti, Ar.Krutika A Madaiker


Automobile Mall- Need of Future India [Download] 

Gaurav Chudiwal , Ar. Chhaya Chavan- Tirvir


Water Sensitive Development – An Approach to Smart Cities [Download] 

Dipanwita Chakravarty, Sandeep Sabharwal


Enlivening the Spirit of History for Inspirations Today and Tomorrow [Download] 

Ketaki Patwardhan


Aesthetics In Architecture - A Historical Study [Download] 

Ar. Kirti M Sagaonkar, Dr.Parag G. Narkhede


Understanding the Character of Open Spaces of an Urban Village on the Urban-Rural fringe of a City, to derive Design Strategies for its Longevity: Nanded Village, Pune [Download] 

Ar. Krutika A. Madkaiker, Ar. Dipeeka Hivarkar – Arbatti


Immediate Impact of RERA on Construction Industry [Download] 

Ar. Madhavi Ashok Khandar, Ar, Aparna Panganti


Parking supply Management Strategy in Cities [Download] 

Jawale Madhuri Vasudev


Use of Dampers in Vertical cities: Effective Method to Control Seismic Vibrations [Download] 

Ms. Dakshayani Pramod Shete


Theory Based Design Practice Today [Download] 

Ar. Kabir Fatema, Ar. Rakhi Begampure


Ferro Cement as a Cost Effective Alternative to RCC [Download] 

Ar. Laxmi Salgia, Ar. Aparna Panganti


The Extent and Relevance of Aesthetics in Architecture [Download] 

Manohar Balasubramaniam


Appreciating Area of Model Colony: A Case Study from Pune [Download] 

Maitreyee Sanjay Khot


The Study of Inter-Relationship between Spaces and Stories Case of Meenakshi Temple, Madurai [Download] 

Manasi Chokshi


Redefining the Role of an Architect in the Contemporary Context [Download]  

Manohar Balasubramaniam

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