Volume 7 Issue Special 2

2 Day National Conference on Emerging Trends in Architecture (NCETA-2018) Organized by MIT School of Architecture (MIT University) Pune M.H. India during 11 & 12 Jan. 2018  

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Towards Sustainable Aesthetics in Architecture [Download] 

Ar. Vishwas Gupta


The Purpose of Aesthetics in Architecture [Download] 

Swati R. Chokshi


Aesthetics: An Ethos of Architecture Education [Download] 

 Prof. Swapna Ashok Dhavale, Prof. Vinaya Vaidya


Adaptive Reuse as an Emerging Trend for Conservation of Structures [Download] 

Dr. Sushama Joglekar, Nupur Achliya


Conceive, Create and Consummate Outdoor Spaces [Download] 

Ar. Smita Gupta


High Density and its impact on City Infrastructure: Case of Old area of Pune City [Download] 

Shraddha Jakoji Kulal, Dr. Parag Govardhan Narkhede


Analysing the Dystopic Aspects of a Utopic Vision in Pune [Download] 

Shivani Satpathy, Prathama Jhaveri


Reviving the Vernacular Architecture of Gond Tribes of Gondia District -A Sustainable Case Study in Today’s Context [Download] 

Ar.Seema M Burele  Dr.SheebaValsson


Interfacing Heritage and Conflict Areas – A Sensitive Approach for Managing Heritage in Indian Context [Download] 

Richa Mishra, Shivani Sharma


Architecture –Shaping the Built Environment [Download] 

Manohar Balasubramaniam


Aerogel Glazing- An Emerging Energy Efficient Technology For Windows [Download] 

Sarika Thakoor


Art in Rehabilitation Centre [Download] 

Ritika Gupta,Ar. ChhayaChavan- Tirvir


Aesthetics of the Façade Wall [Download] 

Anjali Sadanand, Dr V.Nagarajan


Potential of Mixed Mode Buildings in Hot-Dry Climate, Ahmedabad [Download] 

Ar. Mehak Mathur, Ar. Mihir Vakharia


Quality of space in Romanesque and Gothic Architecture [Download] 

Ar. Minu Joshi, Ar. Manali Deshmukh


Impact of Software and Technology on Architectural Design Practice [Download] 

Mrunalini Kulkarni


Gender Inclusive Urban Planning in Pune City [Download] 

Neha Verma Madan           


Architecture and Virtual Reality [Download] 

Ar. Nihar Nana Sail, Ar. Sayalee Nihar Sail


Impact of Urban Development on Climate Change [Download] 

Ar. Nikhil P. Mehare


Resurgence to Resilient City: Case of Pune [Download] 

Ar. Nilima Mohan Dhamal


Perspective on Emerging Trend: The Role of Professionals in Building Urban Environment [Download] 

Ar. Pallavi Thool


Development of Jain Architecture from Caves to Temple Architecture in Maharashtra [Download] 

Ar. Pranoti Kiran Meghal


Escalating Rural Urban Linkages-An Overview of Policy Framework [Download] 

Dr. Priyamvada Nitin Chitale


Relation of Daylight with Space Configuration in Residence in Pune [Download] 

Pradnya Patki, Nishad Patki


Understanding the Urban Issues of Chakan & Rajgurunagar Town & Proposals of Urban Design Policies [Download] 

Ar. Sudhir Deshpande

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