Volume 8 Issue 4


Health Monitoring Systems by using IOT Devices in the Real time Environment

Dr C. Madana Kumar Reddy

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MHD Flow of Jeffrey Fluid past an Inclined Deformable Porous Channel in the Presence of Slip Conditions

Ananda Reddy Narravula 

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H - Cluster Thermal Infrared Imaging by Attainable Bi-Partioning

G. Suresh Babu, S. Salma Begum, B. Venkatesh, B. Bhargavi

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Data Mining using Repeated Labeling Technique for Predicting Unknown Class Label

A. Ramesh Babu, Raja Ashok Kumar, Shaik Mahammad Rafi

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Optimization of EDM Process Parameters in Machining through Hole making of 17-4 PH Stainless Steel by using Grey Taguchi Technique

Nakka Nagaraju, K. Nagamani, R V N R Surya Prakash, A. Hemantha Kumar, N.G. Ujwala

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Performance Analysis & Optimization of IC Engine Process Parameters Using Bio-blended Diesel–Methanol with Waste Cooking Oil through Taguchi Method

Nakka Nagaraju, C. Ramanjaneyulu, N Glory Ujwala, R V N R Surya Prakesh

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Current Areas and Challenges of Data Mining Research

Shaik Mahammad Rafi,  ObiliNarendra Reddy, Naveen Kumar B.

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