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Volume 8 Special Issue 5

An Interantional Conference on Enviromental Pollution and Its Control organized by Department of Civil Engineering,  GEC Banswara,  Rajasthan, India during 18 & 19 Feb. 2019 

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A Study on Heavy Metals Removal of Electroplating Wastewater by Adsorption onto

Tea Waste

Nikita K Parmar, Dr. Reshma L. Patel

PDF | Open Access


Technological feasibility of Water Treatment Techniques for Sustainable Environment

Premlata Gupta, RuchiShrivastava

PDF | Open Access


Air Pollution: An Imperceptible Menace

Prof. C.B. Mishra, Harsh Desai, AbhaParida, AditiChauhan

PDF | Open Access


Humans – The Apocalyptic Threat to Environment

Prof. C. B. Mishra, Manan Patel, Rami Shubham, ZinzalaKirankumar

PDF | Open Access


The Fight for Survival: Environment vs. Humans - A Legal Perspective

Shaaqib. A. Mansuri, Bhargav. V. Lathiya, Akash Patel, Prof. C.B. Mishra

PDF | Open Access


Air Pollution: A Case Study of Vadodara City

Payal Gore, Yash Shah, RasikGoradiya, Prof. C. B. Mishra

PDF | Open Access


Noise Pollution : An Unwanted Peril to Human

Prof. C. B. Mishra, DarshanBhadaniya, Manali Patel, Odedra Ravi

PDF | Open Access


A Spatio-Temporal Landform Feature Change Detection And Assessment By Means Of RS-GIS Techniques: Case Study OfMahi – Sabarmati River Confluence, Gulf Of Cambay, Gujarat

Modi D S, KoyelSur , S. Bhandari, L.B.Zala

PDF | Open Access


Improving the Accuracy of PM.Sampling With Chilled Teflon Filter

YatriHaraniya, Swati Virda, SakshiGhetiya, SnehaGautam, Abhishek Gupta

PDF | Open Access


Use Of Demolished Recycled Concrete Aggregate And Ground Granulated Blast Furnace Slag From Steel Plant In Concrete Mix For Prevention Of Environmental Pollution And Control.

Dr. Deepa. A. Sinha

PDF | Open Access


Assessment of Physico-Chemical Properties of Soil and Water: Banera, Bhilwara District

Manish Khajanchi, Pramod Mehta

PDF | Open Access


Experimental Studies on Rubber Mould Paver Block with Granite Chips

Ravi Goutam, Dr. Vihangraj V. Kulkarni, Dr. Jayeshkumar R. Pitroda, Prof. C. G. Patel

PDF | Open Access


A Study of Integrated Modeling of Traffic, Vehicular Emission & Air Pollutant Concentration In Around VallabhVidyanagar, Gujarat, India : A Review

Kartavya D. Dave, Dr. Reshma L. Patel

PDF | Open Access


Partial Replacement of Ceramic Tile Waste in Concrete: A Review

Jaivik P. Babria, Dr. Jayeshkumar R. Pitroda, Prof. Kishor B. Vaghela, Prof. (Dr.)

Indrajit N. Patel

PDF | Open Access


Wind Energy generation from Airborne Wind Energy System (AWES): A Clean


SwagatPatra, AninditaPhukan, HarminAktarLaskar, DipjyotiBaglari

PDF | Open Access


Pesticide: A Promoter of Silent Cancer Spring to Silent Night

Prof. C. B. Mishra, InsiyaGarbadawala, NishaMaurya, HiralLuhar

PDF | Open Access


Removal of Pollutants from Waste Water Using Metal Oxides: A Review

Purva Chopra, Ashok Kumar Kakodia

PDF | Open Access


A Review on Waste Rubber Tyre in Concrete Mixture

VarsaniPanka, RavalAmit, Dr. Jayeshkumar R. Pitroda, Prof. C. G. Patel

PDF | Open Access


Efficacy of Smog Free Tower in Air Pollution Control

BoruahAishree, BhuyanRimpi, Hassan Eqbal, ZamanNekibur, ,BaglariDipjyoti

PDF | Open Access


Extraction of Pesticides Using Supercritical Carbon Dioxide

AnkitaHazarika, RituparnaHazarika, VikramSingha, DipjyotiBaglari

PDF | Open Access


Renewable Energy and the Environmental Impacts

RajniChoudhary, Bulbul Mewara, MohitMenaria, LaxmanSuman

PDF | Open Access


E-Waste – 21st Century Challenge


PDF | Open Access


Carbon Sequestration Potential of Select Natural Ecosystems of Tropical Regions in India

DhwaniUkani, AlkeshaNaik, KoushikSingha Roy

PDF | Open Access


Indoor Air Quality Assessment during Construction Activities in Rajkot City

DenilVachhani, NirmitKapadiya, NisargVagadiya, Abhishek Gupta, SnehaGautam

PDF | Open Access


Experimental Studies on Toxicity of Zinc Sulphate to Fresh Water Snails, Limnea

Columella and BulinusTentaculata

LalitChoudhary, TanayVyas, SeemaBhardhwaj

PDF | Open Access


Analysis of NOx emission in diesel engine

MohdArif Khan, ShubhamAwasthi

PDF | Open Access


Utilisation of PET Plastic Waste and Construction Demolition Wastes in Manufacturing

of Bricks

KahanRamani, Dr. Reshma L. Patel

PDF | Open Access


A Study on Electrochemical Reduction for Colour Removal of Dye Waste

ValaVinay, Reshma L. Patel

PDF | Open Access


Magnesium Ammonium Phosphate (MAP) process removal of Ammoniacal Nitrogen: A Review

Vishwa Y Joshi, Reshma L Patel

PDF | Open Access


Utilization of Glass Waste as a Construction Material - A Review

Hasmukh D. Makavana, Amit D. Raval, Dr. J. R. Pitroda, Prof. Jignesh I. Brahmbhatt

PDF | Open Access

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